Multi-Factor Authentication

Think of Identity Management as your ID, Access Management as the keycard, and MFA as the final passcode. Together, they ensure only the right people access the right data, at the right time.

Why Siaraa for Implementing Multi-factor Authentication

  • Comprehensive solutions - Siaraa offers a holistic approach to access management, integrating MFA seamlessly with user provisioning, access control, and governance systems. Additionally gain real-time insights into user activity and potential security threats, enabling proactive mitigation.
  • User-centric approach - Siaraa designs MFA implementations with inclusivity in mind, ensuring user-friendliness for everyone. You are guaranteed an intuitive and easy to use solution, thus minimizing disruption and encouraging user adoption.
  • MFA Expertise - You don't have to struggle to find a team of MFA experts! Siaraa is a trusted partner for leading organizations, providing robust security solutions for years.

Implement Multi-factor Authentication for a Robust Digital Ecosystem.

99.9% of account hacks are stopped with multi-factor authentication (MFA), keeping your sensitive information safe. However, implementing MFA pose challenges like user adoption, complexity, cost and integration, and accessibility. Siaraa steps in as your trusted partner, transforming MFA from a hurdle to a seamless security advantage.

In today’s digital landscape, neglecting data security is akin to leaving your front door wide open. Choose Siaraa as your security architect and build a digital fortress that keeps your data safe from even the most determined attackers.

  • Preparation

    We assess your landscape by considering your organization's size, users, and security needs and help you pick the perfect MFA solution. Text messages, apps, keys, and biometrics – we help you mix and match for robust yet user- friendly security. We explain its benefits and offer clear guides to smooth login sailing.

  • MFA Implementation

    We help you choose an MFA solution that plays nice with your existing systems. Then, customize it by defining granular policies and assigning appropriate MFA methods to different user groups. Finally, run a pilot test to catch any glitches before making the big leap and rolling out MFA to everyone. Contact us to learn how you can strengthen your security without breaking a sweat.

  • Maintenance

    MFA's power shouldn't fade with time. We ensure you receive the user support and training to ease transition. From patching your MFA solution with updates to keeping a pulse on user behavior and evolving threats - Siaraa is your partner to keep your MFA solution and authentication methods are updated with the latest security and technical advancements.

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