IAM Advisory Services

When developing a security program, begin with the end in mind.

Once you’ve figured it out, repeat above.

Identify Efficiencies and
Rate you Maturity

  • Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM)
  • Authentication & Authorization Services
  • Security Development & Operations (SecDevOps)
  • IAM Governance
  • Roles and Access Management
  • Directory Services
  • Federation Services
  • Privilege Access Management (PAM)
  • Identity Audit & SIEM Integration
  • On Premise, Cloud & Hybrid Integrations
  • Emerging Security & AI

IAM Advisory Services – Assess Your IAM Posture Before Hackers Do.

Developing a robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategy extends beyond mere technological considerations. It signifies a critical business risk capable of affecting various facets of your company. IAM planning is not restricted to a particular maturity level and requires routine revisits to ensure continual alignment with evolving business objectives and the broader industry landscape. The essence of understanding your security posture lies in conducting assessments that specifically target key objectives.

At Siaraa, we take an active role in assessing your security posture and crafting an implementation plan that facilitates informed decision-making. Our IAM advisory services extend beyond mere identification of necessary technology and tools; we connect you with the right experts for effective execution. Count on Siaraa to provide the insights you need to make the right decisions, ensuring a comprehensive and secure IAM framework tailored to your business needs.

  • Design & Architecture Assessment

    Siaraa's design and architecture assessment involves interviewing key stakeholders to understand existing business requirements and evaluate available resources for known requirements. The assessment aims to identify additional needs for information security or IAM. It includes validating current solution sets, such as resources, methodologies, and technologies, to determine the business's maturity rating in Identity, Access, Governance, and Privileged Management.

  • Full- scale Automation

    Struggling with manual IAM processes? Siaraa streamlines your Identity and Access Management (IAM) program with powerful automation, built for you, not off the shelf. We dive deep, understanding your unique needs through stakeholder interviews, thorough analysis, and expert resource evaluation. This comprehensive approach ensures your automation strategy perfectly matches your business and security landscape, now and as it evolves.

  • IAM Talent Advisory

    Don't settle for an understaffed and underperforming IAM team. Partner with Siaraa and build the security powerhouse you deserve. To execute the findings from your IAM design, architecture and automation assessment, we help you find the right talent. We're your one-stop shop for building a high-performing IAM team, from recruitment and assessment to training and ongoing support.

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